Cerebellar Ataxia is a very rare disorder and only a few thousand people are affected worldwide.

Up until now, Clint has not been given a good prognosis and the South African medical fraternity has been unable to prescribe a treatment to improve his condition. According to Ataxia Uk:

"There is currently no cure for the cerebellar ataxias. There is a range of treatments which may help to relieve symptoms. These include various medications, as prescribed by a doctor, speech therapy which may also help with swallowing difficulties and physiotherapy".

Due to lack of information in South Africa and world-wide, Clint and Joan (my mother) scanned the globe for specialized treatment, resulting in the identification of a Mathematician, Leonid Blyum, in Belgium who has pioneered the radical overhaul of applied biomechanics based on the ideas of nonlinear geometry, topology and relativity physics. The result of this radical overhaul is a completely new strategy of physical rehabilitation (targeting the smooth muscles) and a new class of hands-on techniques (based on quasi-static principles). He oversees centres in Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Italy and South Africa, the foundations of which are based on ABR (Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation). ABR delivers musculoskeletal recovery unparalleled by other rehabilitation methods because of new levels of advancement applied biomechanics.

A bi-annual treatment costs Euros 1250.00 and a quarterly video analysis takes place. Unfortunately, treatment is not covered by medical aid.

When he started treatment in July 2005 Clint had been trying to keep his functional condition from regression through heavy physical training, to no avail. He has never been able to bring his condition back to normal and went through many ups and downs during his 2.5 years of treatment. He stopped his physical training and had to face his very real condition with a lot of limitations. ABR targeted the rigidity and underlying weaknesses that his condition caused. Clint lost a lot of his "fake" function which was based on rigidity of his muscles. The result is an apparent regression or it appears as though he is less mobile. What has happened is that with ABR firstly the joints in the body need to disconnect to allow mobility so he has become more floppy, they then reconnect to the allow stability needed for progress. Today, he is doing a lot of ABR exercises by himself and he understands that ABR will assist him in restoring the structural condition of his body.

Below are pictures of Clint when he first started ABR treatment in July 2005 and then again in January 2007, after 2.5 years of treatment.

July 2005   January 2007
In July 2005 you will notice that Clint's cheekbones were collapsed, as was his forehead and jaw. His speech was slow with restricted articulation, making it difficult for him to communicate clearly.

In January 2007, his cheekbones are more pronounced, the forehead and jaw have changed position. His eyes have also changed position. This progress in his facial structural condition mirrors the progress his entire body has made. His articulation has dramatically improved as has his balance and ability to walk.